Jyoti Bikash Bank has launched a new account called “Jyoti Smart Savings”


Jyoti Bank has established the Jyoti Smart Savings Scheme, which is at first-time investors. Customers can open a Jyoti Smart Savings Account with the goal of making it fast and straightforward to invest using a Demat account and My Share while also saving. Customers can obtain the following services with no money in this savings account.

Free Demat account and first-year service, free My Share registration, free C-ASWA, free mobile banking service, free internet banking service, and free card are all offered by the bank.

For women depositors, the savings account offers a 505 discount on annual service charges and a 305 discount on collateral. Jyoti Smart Savings Accounts can be opened at any of the bank’s 105 locations or online. Jyoti Bank has active in client relationships with the bank more long-term and successful by providing the most -to-date services in response to the and desires of its customers.

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