It is possible to construct a thriving nation through fostering small business development, according to Minister Regmi.


Uma Regmi, Minister for Women, Children, and Senior Citizens, has stated that women should concentrate on developing a successful country through the development of micro-entrepreneurship, which she believes be accomplished by mobilizing local resources and human resources.

Minister Regmi spoke at the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal (FWEAN18th )’s Annual General Assembly and eighth Convention, where she discussed the contribution of micro-enterprises not only in the field of national policymaking and women empowerment, but also in the development of a self-sufficient economy through trade and businesses.

Women, according to Minister Regmi, should be granted the same rights as males in the existing situation, in which one-third of the seats are reserved for them. She said that this might be accomplished through entrepreneurship and skill-based and technical training. She praised the Federation for the crucial role it has played in allowing women entrepreneurs to progress towards self-reliance while also developing their businesses at a time billions of rupees are spent annually on the import of apparel and food products.

In a same vein, FWEAN President Niru Raimajhi Khatri expressed confidence that the newly working committee would efficiently propel the FWEAN to new levels of success. “The new leadership will focus on industrial development, business planning, financial access and development of consulting,” she stated. “They will also focus on entrepreneurship and sustainable development,” she added.

Shobha Gyawali, First Vice President of the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs of India (FWEAN), expressed confidence that the new working committee would continue its contribution from the field of entrepreneurship in the national and arena under the slogan “Let’s use domestic products and increase entrepreneurship.” She emphasized the importance of utilizing entrepreneurship to further the growth of the country.

She stated that the FWEAN has been able to achieve tremendous accomplishments even during the pandemic because of the assistance of the federation’s dedicated and enthusiastic employees. FWEAN has been successful in promoting and marketing products made by women in both the national and markets, according to her remarks.

A number of women’s from across the country have also received recognition through the initiative. The Banke District Entrepreneurs Association has been presented with the Best Women’s Association Award for the second year in a row on behalf of the District Entrepreneurs Association. In addition to receiving a certificate of appreciation and Rs 15,000 in cash, the Banke District Entrepreneurs Association has also received a monetary award.

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