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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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    ISPAN has decided to increase the cost of internet access by up to Rs 300 per month.

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    In response to the Nepal Electricity Authority’s (NEA) decision to increase the rate for electricity poles, internet service providers have chosen to hike the price internet service.

    Sudhir Parajuli, chairman the Internet Service Providers Association of Nepal (ISPAN), has announced that the organisation has decided to raise the price of internet services in the country.

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    β€œWe have decided to increase internet prices in line with the rise in power pole leasing fees by Rs 500 by the National Electricity Authority. β€œThe price internet has been increased by Rs 150 per month in urban regions and by Rs 300 per month in rural areas,” he explained.

    The National Electricity Authority had previously charged Rs 250 per pole. However, the National Electricity Authority (NEA) decided last year to boost the cost charged to internet service providers to Rs 750 per pole.

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    NEA had issued a notification in the name the ISPAN and internet entrepreneurs a few days prior, requesting that they come in for renewal by paying the mandated price by 1st.

    Parajuli said that the ISPAN had submitted a revised fare rate to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, which had the increase (NTA). β€œAs soon as the NTA authorises the new rate, we will begin billing clients at the new rate,” Parajuli explained.

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