is Nabil bank still good for investment.


Nabil bank has been giving decent dividend above 30%.
Is it still safe and reliable after merging with NBB and change the CEO known as best in Nepal.

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  1. shelbytom111 says

    In my personal opinion i won’t go for nabil or nic now just look at some banks under 500 like sbl,nmb,sanima

  2. nepredfan says

    Since announcing 4th QTR earnings, trading has been 171,702+156,363+134,201 kittas, but less than 1 lakh per day the days leading up to it. Maybe there will be some good news?

  3. Dr_Bevacizumab says

    Not at all

  4. Hukkasinama says


  5. najus107d says

    Wait for a while. Its price is likely to drop. They are less likely to give same amount of bonus share for at least a year. So, let its value drop and then buy.

  6. Sandeep_charmling says

    might e but the price isn’t justifiable right now, if it focus on cash dividend then okay but giving always bonus will just create a burden which eventually might seen in the balance sheet

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