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    In the third week of Kartik, commercial banks report a decrease in total deposits.

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    The release of an extensive study on the deposit and lending trends in the nationR7;s commercial banks been announced. This is the information as of 7 Kartik 2078, which is the last working day of Kartik’s third week, according to the data. It is estimated that the CD is 89.87 percent.

    The overall deposit decreased by Rs. 9 billion in the first week of Kartik, bringing the total deposit to Rs. 4,238 billion at the time of writing. Local currency deposits amount to Rs. 4,11 billion, with the remaining foreign currency deposits amounting to Rs. 127 billion.

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    Meanwhile, the overall lending increased by Rs. 7 billion in the third week of Kartik, bringing the total to Rs. 4,025 billion for the month of the month. Approximately Rs. 387 billion in lending been forwarded in local currency, with the remaining Rs. 153 billion in foreign currency.

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