In the second week of Baisakh, commercial banks saw a drop in total deposits of Rs. 10 billion and a rise in lending of Rs. 1 billion


A report on deposit and lending trends in the country’s commercial banks has released. This is the information as of the conclusion of the second week of Baisakh 2079, that is, till Baisakh 09.

In second week, the overall deposit fell by Rs. 10 billion. The amount of deposits is Rs. 4367 billion. The deposit is worth Rs. 4259 billion in local currency, with the remaining Rs. 108 billion in foreign currency.

Meanwhile, loan has dropped by Rs. 1 billion, bringing to Rs. 4194 billion. In local currency, Rs. 4153 billion has forwarded, while Rs. 41 billion has been forwarded in foreign money.

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