In the Nepalese market, gold lost Rs. 800 per tola.


Today, the price of gold has dropped by Rs. 800 per tola.

Fine gold is currently being traded at Rs. 93,000 per tola, according to the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver DealersR7; Association’s official website. The pricing kept at Rs. 93,800 per tola yesterday. Tejabi gold, the other hand, is currently trading at Rs. 9,500. The tariff, on the other hand, was kept at Rs. 93,300 per tola yesterday.

Silver, the other hand, has lost Rs. 0 per tola today. The dazzling white metal is currently trading Rs. ,235 per tola in the local market, down from Rs. 1,245 per tola yesterday.

Importing gold and silver now necessitates a 100 percent margin. This is due to the Nepal Rastra BankR7;s stricter policy to discourage imports at a time when the country’s economy is experiencing a liquidity crunch. Previously, importers could only use a fraction of the overall import value as a margin, with the balance being leveraged through financial institutions.

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