In the Nepalese market, gold has gained Rs. 900 per tola.


Today, the price of gold increased by Rs. 900 per tola rupee.

In Nepal, fine gold is now being traded at a rate of Rs. 89,600 per tola, to the website of the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver DealersR7; Association. The cost per tola was kept at Rs. 88,700 per tola as of yesterday afternoon. Tejabi gold, the other hand, is currently trading at Rs. 89,150 per gramme. The tariff, on the other hand, was unchanged at Rs. 88,250 per tola as of yesterday.

Silver, the other hand, gained Rs. 20 per tola today on the margin. A tola of the dazzling white metal is currently being traded on the local market for Rs. ,140, which is a slight increase yesterdayR7;s closing rate of Rs. 1,120 per tola.

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