In the first five months of this fiscal year, Nepalis spent Rs 313 billion more on imported items.


Despite a significant increase export profits, Nepal’s trade balance in the first five months fell to a negative Rs 735.48 billion.

According to Department of Customs (DoC) figures, Nepal’s trade imbalance increased 54.70 percent between mid-July and mid-December last year, from Rs 475.44 billion. The country’s trade imbalance widened by Rs 260 billion during the review period, according to data.

This year, the landlocked country been able to more than treble its export revenues. The revenue generated from merchandise grew from Rs 50.05 billion to Rs 102.92 billion, according to the Department of Commerce.

However, because of the rising number of imports, the significant increase may benefit the much. Import expenditures increased 59.55 percent throughout the period, from Rs 525.49 billion to Rs 838.40 billion.

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