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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsGeneral NewsIn police operation, 207 small criminals were apprehended.

    In police operation, 207 small criminals were apprehended.

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    The police have apprehended 207 petty offenders from the city in the last 20 days as part of a clandestine operation out in advance of the Christmas season.

    This morning, the Police Range in Kathmandu made the names of these minor criminals public for the first time. The majority of them had been apprehended while riding public transportation. They were also arrested in public settings, which is something else they have in common.

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    Pickpockets, bag snatchers, mobile phone and chain snatchers, among other criminals, were among those detained.

    According to an order issued by the Kathmandu District Court, 46 of the arrested individuals have been placed in judicial detention following the completion of the inquiry. The police are still looking into the arrests of 161 people.

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    According to Superintendent of Police Ramesh Basnet of the Police Range in Kathmandu, they have widely mobilised cops in civil dress within public vehicles and public spaces because petty crime dramatically during the festive season, according to The Himalayan Times. It was his observation that practically all pickpockets worked in groups inside public transportation cars. “Each group consisted of at least six offenders who worked in pairs of three sub-groups, with a total of twelve in total. Once they had located their prey, the perpetrators pretended to be strangers and encircled them inside automobiles, stealing money and other valuables from them in exchange for their co-operation and cooperation.”

    Pickpockets used sign language to communicate while in the field, according to police. ‘Da’ for money, ‘Kaan’ for mobile phones, ‘Rame’ for targeted person, ‘Kasi’ for master pickpocket, ‘Tanko Da’ for victims with more money, ‘Jutko Da’ for victims with less money, ‘Chapa’ for men, ‘Duldai aayo’ for signalling police personnel, ‘Mam’ for driver, ‘Male’ for bus operator.

    Prior to conducting the covert operation, police had reached out to public transportation operators to ask for assistance in identifying potential thieves.

    Swindling people, theft, and other petty crimes are all on the rise in areas, particularly before the start of the Dashain holiday, which is celebrated across the country.

    Thugs of this nature usually target foreign employees who return to the nation after years of living abroad in order to receive blessings from their families back home.

    As reported by the police, house burglary and theft, which used to be frequent in the valley, have decreased dramatically in recent years. The increasing number of CCTV cameras installed in practically all shops and residences, as well as the growth in population, are believed to be the two most important factors contributing to the fall in the number of occurrences of house burglary in recent years.

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