In Parbat, the world’s second-longest superman zipline was successfully tested


At Kusma Bazaar in Parbat, the first test of the world’s second-longest superman zipline, which is now under construction, was a success. On Monday, a 1,400--long zip line from Chakle Dil in Kusma Municipality-5 to Saune Bagar, which passes over the Kaligandaki River, was put through its paces for the first time.

It has been announced by the Harness Zipline that they are planning to open the zipline to the public after more than 200 tests have been conducted on it.

The zipline in Parbat is the world’s second-longest zip line and is the longest in Asia. Dubai is to the world’s longest zipline, which is 2800 meters in length. The standard zip line requires you to sit on the rope as if you were sitting in a chair, whereas the Superman zipline requires you to lay down like Superman in order to achieve your goal. In Superman style, this zipline is the second longest in the world, while the typical Nepalese zipline is somewhat longer than this.

A pair of persons can be transported together on this zipline, which will arrive at its destination in 60 to 90 seconds. Shyam Zipline of India is responsible for its construction. Despite the fact that the speed of the zipline is determined by the speed of the wind and the weight of the riding it, it travels at a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour and progressively lowers in speed as it approaches the destination.

The zipline will begin at a height of 238 meters above the surface of the Kaligandaki River and will terminate at a resort that will be constructed on the river’s banks.

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