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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsMarketIn Nepal, the BS6 Suzuki Access 125 scooter is available

    In Nepal, the BS6 Suzuki Access 125 scooter is available

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    Suzuki Access scooters with BS6 technology have been formally presented in the Nepali market, according to VG Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., the official importer and distributor of Suzuki motorbikes and scooters in Nepal. Suzuki’s long-awaited scooter arrived in Nepal at the same time the prohibitory was issued.

    This scooter has been made available to the general public in a variety of methods in Showrooms across the country. This scooter be available at all dealerships. The Suzuki Access 125 costs Rs 259,900 in India.

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    In the Indian market, it is one of the most scooters. In the past, the Suzuki Access Scooter was one of the most popular scooters in Nepal, especially among the middle class and for business. The Access Scooter features a front gas cylinder, wide seats, and a smooth ride, as well as a steel cover. As a result, it is extremely beneficial for everyday usage, and its maintenance costs are lower than those of competitors.

    The Suzuki Access 125 scooter has a four-stroke single-cylinder -cooled motor is now being sold in Nepal. Because the new upgraded Access 125 scooter is equipped with Bharat Stage 6 (BS6) technology as well as FI technology, exceptional mileage be expected.

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    The scooter produces 8.7 PS of power at 6750 rpm and 10 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm thanks to a two-valve engine. LED headlights and the ability to fill up with gasoline from the outside have further added to its appeal. It has a Suzuki Start system, a kick start system, and 22 litres of storage space as well as a mobile charging point. The scooter’s overall weight with alloy wheels on both wheels is 103 kg.

    It is the best offering in this area, with a ground clearance of 160 mm. The trip metre comes in three colours and features a full-style digital metre, engine diagnosis, and battery diagnosis.

    Suzuki Access scooters come in four colours: white, blue, grey, and black, with blue being the most popular.

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