In Mangsir, the NAV of Kumari Equity Fund (KEF) declines, and profit plunges.


KEF’s NAV report for the month of Mangsir has been released by Kumari Capital. KEF is a mutual fund managed by Kumari Capital.

Kumari Fund has a fund size of 1,000,00,000 and is managed by Kumari Asset Management. The fund had originally planned to issue only 8 crore units, however due to high demand, the issue was increased to 16 crore units. The fund’s managers anticipate the NAV will at 22.49 by the time the fund reaches maturity and the fund will generate annual returns of 22 percent on average.

According to the fund’s net asset value (NAV), it is 10.24 the month of Mangsir, down from Rs. 10.66 the previous month. The fund has invested Rs. 35.97 crores in shares of publicly traded businesses, and Rs. 1.98 crores in public issues, right shares, and shares, according to the latest available data from Bloomberg. Bonds/debentures worth Rs. 2.44 crores and fixed deposits worth Rs. 15 crores are held by the fund. The fund’s bank balance is worth Rs. 46.96 crores, while the fund’s other assets are worth slightly more than Rs. 42.20 lakhs, bringing the total value of the fund’s assets to Rs. 46.96 crores.

The fund made a net profit of 31.43 lakhs the month of Mangsir, according to its financial statements. The previous month’s net profit was Rs. 4.49 crores. This month’s net profit was Rs. 4.49 crores.

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