In Kathmandu, a five-star hotel is being built at a cost of Rs 8 billion


At a cost Rs 8 billion, a five- hotel is being built in nearby Naxal.

The Hotel Hilton Kathmandu is being built in -1. The hotel is being built the Shanker Group’s Jagadamba Hospitality Group Pvt Ltd. Shanker Group is a Nepalese conglomerate on the rise.

According to Nitin Sharma, vice-president Jagadamba Hospitality Group, the hotel is a chain hotel with an area of eight ropanis.

This will be the first Hilton Hotel in the Hilton Hotel group, which has over 6,000 hotels worldwide.

The hotel’s construction began in 2016 with the goal completing it by 2020. However, because to the COVID-19 epidemic, the construction was put on hold.

The hotel’s development has been accelerated, according to Vice-President Sharma, and is to be completed by the end 2022.

The luxurious five- hotel will feature 175 guest rooms, as well as a health club, spa, -conditioned swimming pool, and fitness centre.

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