In just five months, Nepal has received investment offers totaling $30 billion.


In the first five months of the current fiscal year, which began on July 16, Nepal has received a foreign promise of Rs 30 billion.

to data released by the Department of Sectors, pledges for roughly Rs 30 billion in in 122 industries were made in the first five months of the current fiscal year (July 16 to December 7).

to the department’s information officer, Gyanendra Parajuli, those industries have been classified into six groups.

The service-oriented industry has received the most funding, with Rs 15.95 billion earmarked for 35 industries in this category. China (Rs 600 million for four businesses based on agriculture and forest products) and the Netherlands (Rs 56 million for energy-based industry and Rs 450 million for four sectors connected to information, communications, and broadcasting service) have both pledged money to the service sector. Similarly, Rs 3.24 billion has been given for 19 manufacturing sectors and Rs 9.55 billion has been pledged for 55 tourism industries.

An industry with less than Rs 50 million in foreign is not registered in the country, to the new provision.

China is the country that has pledged to invest the most in Nepal (about 80%) during the next few years. China has committed to investing more than Rs 23.64 billion in 102 industries.

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