Thursday, November 18, 2021
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    In a single day of Dashami, the collected a cash fine of Rs 3.30 million as a result of a drink-driving penalty

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    On Friday, the of Vijaya Dashami, the Metropolitan Division (MTPD) collected Rs 3.30 million in fines for drink-driving, according to the department.

    According to the Montana Department of Public Safety, police took action against 3,300 people who were found guilty of drunk driving, also known as Ma Pa Se. The division office had dispatched a large number of officers beginning early in the morning of the main of Dashain in an attempt to prevent any potential accidents caused by excessive alcohol consumption on the day in question.

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    Most of the time, a large number of drinkers who appear to be attending festivals are discovered to have consumed alcoholic beverages while operating motor vehicles. Those who violate the rule are fined Rs 1,000 are required to attend an hour-long awareness class, according to the traffic police.

    Every year, the government collects a significant amount of money from motorists through the use of traffic enforcement. The government collected Rs 1.16 in cash penalties from those who broke traffic rules last year, bringing the amount collected to Rs 1.16 billion.

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