Ilam tea farmers contemplating to quit farming


PASHUPATINAGAR: Tea farmers in Ilam district are in the mood of quitting tea farming due to price dispute and lack of workers.

Hundreds of farmers have been contemplating this for lack of government support in the tea sector. The tea farmers said that they were disappointed in their work as the Tea and Coffee Development Board has done very little to encourage them for more production.

The tea farmers complained that the government has not provided them with a subsidised loan for tea farming. Proprietor of Gorkha Tea State, Uday Chapagain, said that Government of India provides up to 75 per cent in grant for tea farming in Darjeeling area.

Taking an example from India, he opined that Government of should also provide grant subsidy to the farmers to promote tea farming and sustain the . He said, “Tea factory runs nine to 10 months in Tarai areas and up to eight months in hilly regions. But, the factories remain closed rest of the .” In Nepal, around 15,000 farmers in Jhapa, Ila

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