I always used to be confused🤔What kind of difference does MeroLagani and other paid chart have,compared to Nepse Alpha ??


What kind of difference does and paid chart have, to Nepse Alpha ?

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  1. s0m60n6 says

    it’s not just about the chart only. all are offering unique services beside chart. for example if you are more into fundamental analysis smartwealth pro is good for you which give you more fundamental information about companies & fundamental analysis. and if you want to AI generated buy & sell signal [chukul.com](https://chukul.com) is for you. nepse alpha provides a set of indicator and floorsheet analysis. allmost all sites provides chart features including some other features like floorsheet screening, fundamental screening and technical screening. i’ve not used paid version merolagani and sharesansar so dont idea whats therir unique offering. but for chart all most all are same. oh systemxlite is also good for portfolio tracking & cheap alternative of both sharesansar & merolagani before nepsealpha.

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