How to calculate estimated bonus of microfinance? There’s no distributable profit in their quarterly report. Only net profit is available.



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  1. A-dark-soul17 says

    Net profit ko 20 percent reserve ma rakhnu prcha ani plus 20 percent vnda mathi bonus diyo vane tyo 20 vnda mathi jati dincha usko sayed 20% (not sure) yeslai ni reserve ma rakhnu prcha ani 7-8 % chai grahak samrachan kosh ma rakhnu pryo baki ta dina sakcha ajhai bujhna lai nrb ko website ma herne ani annual report ko nafa noksan badfad hisab vanne sec ma herne

  2. A-dark-soul17 says

    Kasari grne vanda kheri total profit ko around 50 percent line ani guess grne😂😅

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