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Saturday, September 25, 2021


    Cooperation between Nabil Bank and DV Excellus on agricultural credit

    Nabil Bank and DV Excellus (Farming App) have agreed to enable farmers registered on the Farm platform with easy access to financing. A collaboration agreement was struck in order to facilitate financial access for the purchase of agricultural tools,...

    Allocation For Technology, Innovation, And FinTech – Nepal Budget Fiscal Year 2078/79

    Finance Minister Bishnu Paudel presented the budget for fiscal year 2078/79 on Saturday. The budget for this year is Rs 1 trillion, 646 billion, and 570 million (16 kharba 47 arba and 57 crore rupees). It was Rs 1...

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    Why Gagan Thapa’s candidacy for Congress — and other parties — could be a positive thing

    Gagan Thapa has opted to enter the race and put his name on the line. Thapa, a central member of...