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Tuesday, September 28, 2021


    Behavioral Biases in Investment Decision Making

    Proponents of efficient markets argue that a stock or other investment already has all available information. According to efficient market theorists, the rise of algorithmic trading has made information processing in market prices nearly instantaneous. Others, on the other hand,...

    Major Plans/ Policies in the ICT and Telecom Sector in Budget 2078/79

      Discover all of the connected ICT, Telecom Sector strategies and strategies stated in the government's budget statement for the fiscal year 2078/79. Mr. Bishnu Prasad Poudel, Finance Minister, announced numerous plans and programs from Singh Durbar today. Like every year,...

    China sends the core module of the Tianhe space station into orbit

    On April 28, China successfully launched a 22-metric-ton module, kicking off a flurry of missions aimed at building the country's own space station. At 11:23 p.m. Eastern, a Long March 5B heavy-lift rocket launched from the coastal Wenchang spaceport. After...

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    Ex-pat Nepalese get Rs 400 incentive while sending money to NICA accounts via World Remit

    Ex-pat Nepalese who send money to NIC ASIA Bank accounts in Nepal using World Remit would receive a bonus...