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Saturday, September 25, 2021

    Insurance Board

    Himalayan Reinsurance Company Receives Operating Permit

    Himalayan Reinsurance Company has been granted a license to operate as a new reinsurance company. The Ministry of Finance has issued a preliminary letter of intent to the corporation based on the Insurance Board's recommendations. Himalayan Re can now...

    Vivek Jha has been appointed as the director of Surya Life Insurance

    Vivek Jha, a well-known figure in Nepal's insurance industry, has joined the board of directors of Surya Life Insurance Company. Jha had just finished his second tenure as CEO of Nepal Life Insurance Company. Due to a clause of the...

    Insurance companies told to shut all branch offices until May 27

    The country's insurance regulator, Beema Samiti (The Insurance Board), has ordered all insurance firms in the country to close their branch offices until May 27. The board decided to close all offices on Thursday due to the rapid increase in...

    Latest News

    Why Gagan Thapa’s candidacy for Congress — and other parties — could be a positive thing

    Gagan Thapa has opted to enter the race and put his name on the line. Thapa, a central member of...