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Sunday, October 17, 2021


    IME Remit has announced the winners of the second week of its Doubleko Doubleko Double campaign; the promotion is still running until November 12.

    It has been announced that winners have been selected for the second week of IME Remit's Doubleko Doubleko Double part II promotion. According to a press release, Mr. Pradeep Sapkota and Mr. Ashok Kumar Yadav have each earned a cash...

    Citizens Bank (CZBIL) Announces 16 Percent Dividend Book Closure Date and Upcoming AGM

    Citing the impending Annual General Meeting (AGM) and planned dividend for the fiscal year 2077/78, Citizens Bank International Limited (CZBIL) has announced the book close date for the fiscal year 2077/78. The board of directors has resolved to distribute a...

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    The electricity supply station for Huaxin Cement Factory is now operational.

    The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has turned on a switching station in Dhading district, which would supply electricity to...