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Tuesday, September 28, 2021


    When you buy Coca-Cola, you get Club Cola. Infringement of trademarks is increasing

    Devi Chudal went over to the small grocery store on Monday afternoon to purchase a bottle of Mountain Dew to keep cool in the scorching heat of the day. When she arrived at her residence and was going to...

    The Supreme Court has issued an order allowing online firms to operate during prohibitory orders.

    KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court has given an interim order not to halt e-commerce while prohibitory orders are in effect. On Monday, a joint bench of Justices Sapna Malla and Kumar Chudal issued an injunction prohibiting the suspension of e-commerce services...

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    The price of gold has dropped

    According to market specialists, the price of gold dropped on the Nepali market on Tuesday. Because the price of...