Thursday, November 18, 2021


    A drop of 60 points for Nepse as all sectors suffer losses

    The index of the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) launched Thursday's trading on a shaky note, according to the market. After a severe drop and subsequent recovery in the early hours of the morning, the market experienced a gradual decline...

    In terms of research and design, Nepal has the potential to be a world-class destination.

    With each passing year, humanity's goal to colonize Mars becomes less imaginary and comes closer to fruition as new technology is developed. In order for this ambition to become a reality, scientists, researchers, and engineers have been working tirelessly...

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    Taxes in the Kathmandu Metropolitan Area can be paid through Connect IPS.

    Within the Kathmandu Metropolitan Area, you can now pay taxes through the Connect IPS system. It will soon be possible...