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Friday, September 24, 2021


    Apple unveils new iPhone 13, adds new features to iPads, watches

    iPhone 13 and a new iPad mini were announced on Tuesday by Apple Inc., which expanded 5G connection while also showcasing faster processors and crisper camera lenses. Among other things, the iPhone 13 will have a new chip called...

    The First Certified Used Mahindra Vehicle shops were officially opened by Agni Aastha.

    First Certified used Mahindra Vehicle dealership in Nepal has been opened by Agni Aastha Private Limited, a subsidiary of the Agni Group. The showroom will also include a Sales, Service, and Spare Parts Setup. It was announced at the time...

    HattiHatti is a company that recycles discarded, unwanted saris to make new clothing and accessories.

    Have you ever raided your mother's or grandmother's pantry? If you have, it's no secret that it's a treasure trove of saris that they've only worn once or twice. Many of these saris are hoarded in Nepali households. They don't...

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    Metro Online Taxi Launches it’s Service: You can book your ride @ Rs.99

    Metro Online Taxi has launched its service in Kathmandu and is currently accepting bookings. Commuters may book and begin...