Govt plans ‘Single consignment system’ in customs


, January 24

With an objective to manage imports, the government is preparing to introduce a across different customs offices.

Replacing the current system, under which traders are allowed to import goods of multiple nature in the same consignment, the new single consignment system requires traders to import goods of different nature or categories through separate consignments. Though officials at the (DoC) are working on ways to implement the new system, they are not sure on when the system will actually come into force.

“Once the system is implemented, traders will be barred from importing goods of varying nature in the same consignment. Implementation of the new single consignment system will, among others, also ease the customs checking and goods monitoring process,” informed Suman Dahal, director general at DoC.

DoC officials informed that traders have been found to be importing up to 45 different kinds of goods through the same consignment, thereby making customs clearance and checking process difficult.

As per Dahal, DoC, Ministry of and Ministry of Industry, have started works to categorise different goods being imported in the country based on their nature. “Once the new system is implemented, traders can import only one category of goods in one consignment,” he added.

As per him, the categor

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