Govt initiates talks with India to resume palm oil export


, January 12

The Ministry of , Commerce and Supplies has taken the initiative to resume the supply of palm oil from to India, which has been halted completely since Friday, through bilateral discussions.

State Minister for Industry Motilal Dugar informed that secretary-level discussions between Nepal and India have been initiated to ensure that the Indian ’s blanket decision to restrict import of refined palm oil does not apply to Nepal and that Nepali traders are allowed to export the product in the Indian market.

Issuing a notification on Thursday, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) of India had imposed complete restriction on import of refined bleached deodorised palm oil and refined bleached deodorised palmolein. As refined palm oil has emerged as Nepal’s top export lately, the sudden restriction on import imposed by DGFT has worried Nepali traders involved in the palm oil as they had been exporting a of refined palm oil to the Indian market.

Minister Dugar has assured that the government will help in the resumption of export of refined palm oil to India. “Commerce secretary-level discussions between the two nations have already begun to resolve this issue. If required, the government will also hold discussions and meetings at the ministerial-level to make sure that import restriction on palm oil does not apply to Nepal,” he said.

Meanwhile, Commerce Secretary Baikuntha Aryal also said that export of palm oil to India would resume soon. “We are in continuous dialogue with concerned Indian authorities on this issue,” he informed.

Along with palm oil traders who claim to have stock of refined palm oil worth billions of rupees and failure to resume

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