Govt fails to fulfil its promise to sugarcane farmers


, January 21

The government has been unable to keep its word that it would make industrialists clear the dues of by today.

The government had given a deadline of today for the sugar mill industrialists to pay all owed to sugarcane farmers, which amounted to around Rs one billion from 10 sugar mills. While only a few farmers have been given a fraction of the money owed to them, the total payment made till date is a paltry Rs 157.5 .

According to the , , out of the total payment, Mahalaxmi Sugar Mill has provided Rs 100 million, Annapurna Sugar Mill gave Rs 39 million while around Rs 8.5 million was recovered from other sugar mills.

“However, none of the sugar mills have cleared their entire dues or said by when they plan to do so,” informed Rajesh Yadav, a member of Sugarcane Farmers’ Struggle Committee.

While the farmers are in the dark about the details of who all have been paid, Yadav further said, “Some of our farmer friends who have received the payment have said they have only been given a fraction of the money owed to them by the mills.”

He further accused the government of attempting to dupe the farmers in conjunction with industrialists.

As per Yadav, the minister’s secretariat informed that the industrialists have communicated with them stating that the latter will clear their dues within two months. “We came to know about the between the secretariat and the industrialists only after we gave th

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