Govt blacklists Pappu-Raman JV

Kathmandu, January 6

The has blacklisted Pappu-Raman Company after it failed to complete the assigned projects on time.

The Public Monitoring Office (PPMO) under the Prime Minister’s Office issued a notice today stating that Pappu-Raman JV has been blacklisted on the recommendation of the Directorate under the Department of Roads.

A meeting of the PPMO on Friday had decided to blacklist the company. Both the of the have been blacklisted for one year.

They will no longer be able to participate in any contract for a year.

The PPMO has blacklisted both the companies with effect from August 6, as per section (141) and sub-section (13) of Public Procurement Guidelines.

The Postal Highway Directorate had made a recommendation to blacklist Pappu-Raman JV after the company failed to complete construction works of the within the stipulated time. The joint venture had won the contract to build Narayani bridge in 2013 and it was given the responsibility to both and construct the bridge.

As per the contract, the Narayani bridge should have been completed by 2016 but the project has not made any tangible progress.

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Govt blacklists Pappu-Raman JV

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