Government may lift restriction on milk powder import


, February 15

The (MoALD) is again thinking of allowing citing the increasing demand in the country.

Former agriculture minister Chakrapani Khanal had halted the import of milk powder from April last year with an aim to promote local products. The restriction was imposed after the ministry received frequent complaints from farmers regarding non-availability of market for their produce and they had poured milk on the roads as a sign of protest.

However, the ministry is now again preparing to open the import of milk powder to address the increasing demand in the market, said Pradip Chandra Bhattarai, joint spokesperson and information officer for MoALD. “Due to the seasonal in the country, it is quite difficult to meet the market demand for the entire year,” he said.

“During the flush season (December to March), the market gets enough milk, but at other times when the milk consumption increases it becomes difficult to meet the market demand,” he mentioned.

Bhattarai further said that although industrialists will be allowed to import milk powder, they will not be allowed to store it. “We are having discussions over allowing businesses to import only the quantity of milk powder that is required in the market. Excessive import will be restricted,” h

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