Government issues ‘Joint Investment Procedure 2020’



The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has issued Joint Investment Procedure 2020.

MoF Spokesperson Rameshwor Dangal stated that the procedure has been issued for the effective implementation of physical and economic sector projects through coordination and cooperation between the federal, provincial and local governments.

He further said that the procedure is necessary to ensure economic returns of the development projects undertaken by the three tiers of the government.

“The procedure has also aimed to ensure investment in potential commercial projects and to develop the provincial and local ownership in the operation of the project,” he said.

According to the procedure, while selecting a project, the minimum investment in the rural municipality and municipality should be Rs 200 million, while such investment must be at least Rs 500 million in sub-metropolitan and metropolitan city. Meanwhile, the minimum investment threshold set for the provincial government is Rs one billion.

As decided by the Cabinet, projects like of tunnels, roads, bridges, flyovers and airports, construction and operation of metro rails, monorails, cable cars, ropeways and internal transport, , solar , wind energy and other alternative energy production and distribution projects and land banks are suitable for joint investment.

Similarly, excavation and processing of mineral products, commercial production, processing and storage of agricultural and forest products, commercial management of garbage, community electrification (renovation of transmission and distribution system), housing schemes, construction of smart cities, city halls and exhibition centres also fall under this investment procedure.

Meanwhile, it has also mentioned that the j

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