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Monday, November 29, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsGold | Silver | ForexGold is down Rs. 500 per tola in the Nepalese market today,...

    Gold is down Rs. 500 per tola in the Nepalese market today, with the metal trading at Rs. 91,500 per tola.

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    In today’s trading, the price gold dropped by Rs 500 per tola.

    According to the Federation Nepal Gold Silver Dealers’ Association’s official website, fine gold is now being at a rate Rs. 91,500 per tola today. On Tuesday, the cost of Rs. 92,000 a tola was maintained. Tejabi gold, on the other hand, is currently trading at Rs. 91,000. The tariff, on the other hand, was maintained at Rs. 91,500 per tola as of yesterday afternoon.

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    Silver has also suffered a loss Rs. 25 per tola today, despite the fact that it is still quite cheap. As of today’s trading, the glossy gold is trading at Rs. 1,225 per tola on the local market, down from yesterday’s cost Rs. 1,250 per tola.

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