Foreign Investment pledge in 2020-21 is down 15.29 percent


KATHMANDU: The Covid-9 pandemic is expected to have a negative impact on foreign investment pledges the country, according to government figures.

The foreign investment commitment the past 2077-78 has decreased by 5.29 percent when compared to the previous Fiscal Year 2076-77. That year, the pledged investment was Rs 32.02 billion, compared to Rs 37.80 billion 2076-77. The number of registered has decreased in tandem with the projected foreign investment. In the preceding fiscal year, only 183 industries were registered, compared to 344 the year before.

A total of 203 have been registered, with a total investment of Rs 156.64 billion from both domestic and foreign sources. There are 183 industries having foreign investment among them. the preceding fiscal year, 277 industries were registered, with a total investment commitment of Rs 152.62 billion. There were 223 industries supported by foreign investors among them.

Investment commitments 2075/76 and 2074/75 were larger than in the previous two fiscal years, according to the Department of Industry. In 2074/75, domestic and foreign investment commitments were Rs. 349 billion, with large foreign investment commitments.

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