For the first time in history, a private cargo train arrives in Birgunj.


First private sector cargo train from India arrives in Birgunj

For the first time, a private cargo rail from India has arrived in Nepal. On Wednesday morning at 10:45 a.m., the cargo rail from Haldiya, India, arrived at Sisirya Birgunj, a dry port.

On July 9, an agreement to modify the Railway Service Accord (RSA) was reached to enable private cargo trains at the Nepal border, and a cargo train from Haldiya arrived in Birgunj as a result of the agreement.

Prior to this, only trains belonging to the Indian government were permitted to enter Nepal.

Several other sections of the India-Nepal RSA were also revised, bringing them up to current the latest operating and infrastructure state of Indian and Nepalese railways. As a result, it is another significant step forward in India’s efforts to improve regional connections under the “Neighborhood First” programme.

Furthermore, following the agreement, all types of cargo on all types of waggons that can carry freight on the Indian Railways network within India were allowed to transport freight to and from Nepal.

The agreement’s new requirements are expected to lower transportation costs for autos and other products that are transported in customised waggons. According to IR rules and procedures, Nepal Railway Company waggons have been authorised to transport Nepal-bound freight (inbound and outbound on the Kolkata/Haldia to Biratnagar/Birgunj lines) across the Indian Railways network.

Similarly, all authorised cargo train operators, including public and private container train operators, automobile freight train operators, special freight train operators, and other operator authorised by Indian Railways, will able to use the Indian railway network to transport Nepalese container and other freight – whether bilaterally or through third countries.

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