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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
    Nepal Stock ExchangeNEPSE NewsFollowing the Finance Minister's phone call to the Governor, the NEPSE Index...

    Following the Finance Minister’s phone call to the Governor, the NEPSE Index soared, with the market rising by 161 points.

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    On Monday, the second trading day of the year, the New York Stock Exchange’s index of stocks (NEPSE) achieved a new high-water mark for growth. The index has increased by 161.94 points on this particular day. This is the fastest growth we’ve seen thus far.

    On Sunday, the market fell by 108.26 points (3.7 percent), the total to 2818.72.

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    By the end of the day, the NEPSE index had climbed by 5.74 percent to 2,980.78 points, an of 5.74 percentage points. The Sensitive Index increased by 31.41 points to 553.40, representing an increase of 31.41 points.

    All of the subgroup indices traded on the day were in the green, including the two that were in the red.

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    An additional 1.992 million 588 shares of 224 businesses worth Rs 9 billion 822.62 million 80 thousand rupees were bought and sold in the same manner.

    On this day, the stock prices of different began to move in a positive direction. The stock prices of 42 of these companies have grown by exactly 10%, while the stock prices of the remaining companies have risen by approximately 10%, according to Bloomberg.

    The market, which had dropped by 108 points on Sunday, has miraculously recovered and surged by a further 108 points on Saturday.

    In particular, since the beginning of the trading session on Saturday, the market has begun to rise as a result of the news that Finance Minister Janardan Sharma had telephoned Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari to urge him to take the initiative to reform the capital market, which made public by the Finance Minister’s Secretariat.

    The actions of NEPSE could not be halted since it attempting to bypass the circuit break regulations of NEPSE. Despite the fact that the index rose by 5.73 points, no break in the circuit.

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