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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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    First in 45 years, 22 climbers make rare autumn ascent of Manaslu main summit

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    Mountaineers have topped the main peak of Mt Manaslu, the world’s seventh highest mountain, in the autumn, completing a feat that hasn’t been done since 1976 and setting a new record.

    Climbers led by Mingma Sherpa, better known by moniker Mingma G, completed the unusual accomplishment on September 27 for the first time in 45 years, with 14 Nepali and foreign climbers joining them. This is the “real summit,” according to the climbing community, because of its elevation of 8,163 metres above sea level.”Many foreigners have been disputing whether or not it is possible to ascend Manaslu’s main summit during the autumn season. “On September 27, we were able to demonstrate it,” Mingma G told the Post by phone.”In actuality, Mt Manaslu is climbed on a yearly basis, and reaching the fore-summit, which is located just below the main summit, is considered a successful summit attempt. ‘The main is around 6-7 metres higher than the fore-summit, and it hasn’t been reached since 1976,’ he explained. Featured image courtesy of Jackson Groves’ official Facebook page

    Because the final short portion, which includes a snow-covered rock outcrop, is quite steep, climbers typically avoid it during the autumn and winter months.

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    This is similar to a razor-sharp knife ridge that is both intimidating and threatening. Consequently, climbers typically ascend to the fore-summit and descend,” explained Mingma G, who was one of the members of the K2 winter ascent team. K2, Pakistan’s second-highest mountain and the world’s second-highest peak, was climbed for the first time in winter in January.

    “The new path was challenging, but we completed it flawlessly,” says the team.

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    It was 3 a.m. on September 27 when the team began their summit push from Camp 4, and they reached the summit at 9:40 a.m.

    “I sincerely hope that there will be no more fore-summits in the near future.” In a post on Facebook page, Mingma G stated that “the top is always the top, there are no more ups, and everything below you.” “It was not an easy task. The team met at an elevation of 8,100 metres, a point where most people halt because they are unable to ascend to the peak due to the difficult terrain and risk of falling. Then we descended a short distance below the main top and hiked up to it again,” Mingma G. explained.

    The new path was examined by the group. The hope is that it will assist climbers in following the footstep.”

    Tobias Pantel, who maintains a database of every technical climb in the Himalayas, wrote on Facebook page: “Today is a historic day for Himalayan mountaineering!”

    A massive digitised and published record of mountaineering expeditions in the Nepal Himalayas since 1903, the Himalayan Database is a collection of expedition archives compiled by American writer Elizabeth Hawley. This organisation has congratulated Mingma G and team on reaching the “real summit” of Manaslu in autumn 2021, which is the highest point on the mountain.

    On its Facebook page, the Himalayan Database stated that this was the second time this point was reached during the autumn season, and that it had not been reached since 1976 before that.

    “Because this is a historic day for Himalayan mountaineering and will have ramifications for how the Himalayan Database will report on Manaslu summits in the future, the team will convene to devise a plan for dealing with future and prior summits of the world’s eighth highest peak.”

    According to renowned mountaineer Alan Arnette, who wrote a blog post about the Manaslu summit, there has been a great deal of about what defines the legitimate peak and who has climbed it historically and today.

    As one of the climbers neared the top, photographer Jackson Groves launched a drone overhead to take images and video of the historic summit.

    According to him, the problem on Manaslu is that the final few metres to the summit are across a severely corniced snow ridge where it is practically hard to set safeguards (ice screws, pitons, and so on) to keep climbers from crossing it.

    “As a result, Mingma intended to make a statement this year, building on winter K2 victory.” The use of drone photographs and videos taken by him let him demonstrate that he reached the genuine summit this time. Instead of traversing the corniced ridge, he is shown using a drop-down route across a 70-degree face and then ascending to what appears to be the genuine peak of the mountain. “It appears to be authentic,” he wrote.

    As a result, all subsequent summit claimants will be considered to have reached the fore-summit, regardless of whether or not they followed path.

    Mountain climbing licences have been awarded to 171 climbers who wish to attempt the ascent of Manaslu, which is located in the Gorkha district of central Nepal, this autumn by the Department of Tourism, which is responsible for awarding mountain climbing permits in Nepal.

    However, while there has been a remarkable display of bravery and discovery, Canadian mountaineer Brent Seal, 37, who was climbing with the TAG Nepal team, perished on the way to the top. death has been attributed to a stroke or a heart attack, according to reports.

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