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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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    Finance Minister advocates for a more productive economy.


    Janardan Sharma, Minister of Finance, has asked the private sector make significant contributions to the country’s production-centric economy.

    Minister Sharma stated at the second AGM of the FNCCI-Kathmandu chapter on Saturday that growing exports of domestic goods will help replace imports. Minister Sharma stated that regular efforts would not be sufficient to grow commodities exports and make the economy productive, and hence the country requires additional efforts. He also stated that the would proceed, despite the fact that COVID-19 had a negative on the economy, which was addressed in some way by the monetary policy announced on Friday.

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    Minister Sharma also seeks proposals and policies from the private sector in order ensure the country’s self-sufficiency. He also emphasised the importance of increasing national capital and inviting international investment after a thorough assessment of national capital.

    Similarly, FNCCI Chair Shekhar Golchha described the monetary policy as constructive since it addressed the difficulties of restoring the COVID-19-affected economy and, in particular, the issues of extending middle- entrepreneurship. Golchha stated that the FNCCI was planning National Economy Transformation 2030 (NET 2030), with an objective of obtaining 150 billion US dollars in national capital in ten years. He also stated that NET would provide an additional 2.2 million possibilities.

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    Chair Golchha also stated that 10 priority sectors and 100 initiation identifications had been prepared for the purpose. Similarly, FNCCI Kathmandu chapter Chair Dinesh Shrestha requested the government implement a ‘One PAN: One Vaccine’ policy to ensure that all entrepreneurs receive anti-COVID-19 immunizations. The event was run entirely online.

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