Fair price shops to open from tomorrow



The () has announced that it will be opening from Thursday.

FMTCL will be opening the shops targeting the festive season in association with Salt Trading (STC) and Dairy Development (DDC) in Kalimati, Koteshwor, Teku, Singha Durbar, Satungal, and other places of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

As per FMTCL, it will operate five shops, while STC and DDC will operate five and three shops, respectively. The shops will be open till the Chhath festival. Last year, the government had operated a total of 73 shops across the country with STC operating a total of 35 such outlets, including three mobile outlets, while FMTCL and DDC had operated 23 and 15 shops, respectively, within and outside the Valley.

According to FMTCL, it has still not decided on the price that it will be charging for the food items that it will be selling through the fair price shops.

The company has, however, made a commitment to increase the number of outlets and mobile outlet services gradually. However, looking at the increasing threat of COV- ID-19 infection the government has not taken any decision yet to open such outlets outside the valley.

Generally, the government operates outlets across the country and sells goods like rice, ghee, salt and sugar, among others, at subsidised rates to control the inflation

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