Entrepreneurs are being urged to construct infrastructure to replace LPG with electricity, according to the Energy Minister


Pampha Bhusal, the Minister of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation, has challenged entrepreneurs to build structures that will allow all sorts of home appliances to be with electricity the next year.

She mentioned this at a pleasantries exchange session hosted by the Mahalaxmi Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lalitpur today to commemorate the Bijaya Dashami, Deepawali, Nepal Sambat New Year 1142, and the Chhath celebrations.

“Allow us to build infrastructure to replace LP Gas in kitchens a year. Allow us to make advantage of the induction cooktop. Let us use Indian rupees traded for dollars to buy LP gas and maximise the usage of hydroelectricity generated within the country “The Minister of stated.

She stated that the availability of energy, roads, and drinking water constituted the foundation for social and economic reform, and that the moment has come to replace all sorts of sources with hydropower.

Minister Bhusal stated on the occasion that she will provide electricity in the amount required by the transportation and industrial sectors in the coming days, and that she has reduced the electricity tariff to encourage the use of electricity since taking over the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation.

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She stated that a decision has been reached to provide free power to persons living in poverty. In addition, irrigation facilities would be increased, and a strategy of providing electricity subsidies for this purpose would be advocated. On the occasion of the festivals, the Minister of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation also expressed her best wishes, adding that cultural festivals helped to foster communal feelings and national solidarity.

Sanjaya Narayan Shrestha, President of the Mahalaxmi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, requested the minister to assist in the efficient administration and improvement of power structures in the municipality, particularly electricity poles.

Meanwhile, the Minister stressed the importance of increasing hydroelectricity and substituting fossil fuels at a pleasantries exchange and tea reception given by Bethegal Locality Development Committee at Thecho of Godavari Municipality-12 today.

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