Electricity demand up at record 1,338 megawatts

Kathmandu, December 29

As the winter season sets in (NEA) has started facing a problem in its distribution due to the increasing power consumption across the country especially in Kathmandu valley.

General consumers have started facing frequent power cuts of late during times of high demand.

According to NEA, the distribution system is overloaded and feeders are tripping due to record high demand of 1,338 megawatts. especially in Kathmandu valley are facing problems of overload and distribution cables are catching fire.

Meanwhile, NEA has said it is managing supply by repairing the problematic feeders and distribution lines.

Kul Man Ghising, managing director of NEA, said most of the transformers, feeders and cables are overloaded at present due to high demand. “We are trying to address the issue of electricity tripping by upgrading and replacing the local distribution system.”

As per Ghising, NEA’s technical teams have been mobilised in problematic areas and are working round the clock.

Even though the rolling blackouts of the past have ended in the country, frequent electricity tripping has been troubling consumers in recent times.

Electricity tripping, or power fluctuations in layman’s terms, has equally affected the household consumers, industries and other businesses.

“We don’t have any issue with the major transmission lines. Problems being witnessed are related to the local distribution systems, which are being affected by the rain and other technical issues,” Ghising said, adding that the has already replaced all the transformers in the Valley to ease the situation.

Prabal Adhikari, spokesperson for NEA, informed that the demand for electricity has risen due to the increasing cold weather, especially in Kathmandu valley, and subsequently due to the increase in the use of electrical appliances like air-conditioners and electric heaters. “The demand has soared in Kathmandu valley but is normal in other areas and we have been working to eliminate this problem as soon as possible,” he said.

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