Electricity demand slumps drastically


, March 25

Following the government’s announcement of nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of , the demand for electricity has dropped significantly.

As per Electricity Authority (NEA), since the government announced the lockdown, the demand for electricity had dropped to 945 megawatts at 7:00 pm on Tuesday. Prior to the lockdown, the peak demand for electricity across the country was estimated at around 1,200 megawatts.

According to the NEA, the demand for electricity normally peaks between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

While the demand fell further to 483 MW on Tuesday night, it had slumped to 446 MW today morning. However, the demand increased during the day today to stand at 628 MW.

The demand for electricity has dropped due to closure of factories, hotels, shopping complexes and offices that consume more electricity.

As per NEA, the demand for electricity in the Kathmandu valley — the major consumer — has also dropped.

Against the maximum demand of 350 MW of electricity in the valley before the lockdown, the peak demand was limited to 290 MW on Tuesday. Power demand in the valley on Tuesday morning stood at 103 MW and 117 MW at night. However, the demand went up to 182 MW around noon today.

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