Electricity consumption increases to 267 units


, February 13

After the elimination of load-shedding in the country and also due to regular , the of the country has increased to 267 per units a year on average as per a review of the first six months of the current fiscal year.

Three years ago, the per capita energy consumption was at 150 units per person annually.

As per half-year review report of the current fiscal year released by the Ministry of , per capita energy consumption has increased by 22 units per person. In the last fiscal year, per capita stood at 245 units.

With the management of regular power supply, production capacity of industries has also increased in recent years and economic growth of the country is encouraging. The government has taken a to increase per capita energy consumption in the coming years.

To implement the government’s policy to raise electricity consumption, Electricity Authority (NEA) has initiated a programme to encourage use of electric stoves (inductions) in households and open charging stations to promote electric vehicles to increase electricity consumption. NEA is at present strengtheni

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