E-Sewa brings ‘Educated Youth, Prosperous Future Plan’


e-Sewa, a payment service provider, has launched the ‘Educated Youth, Prosperous Future’ scheme for SEE graduates.

According to e-Sewa, the scheme would provide scholarships for higher to around 500 students. The plan will be in effect until August 31.

According to e-Sewa, students obtain scholarships in the form of admission fees and monthly expenses at the college of their choice.

Scholarships will be awarded to students at Xavier International, Premier College, Vidya Shankar, Triton International College, and Texas International College, well as Child Vidya Mandir in Biratnagar and Lord Buddha Secondary School. According to E-Sewa, only individuals who through e-Sewa are eligible for a scholarship.

Students can for the scholarship by visiting the e-Sewa Scholarship option on the e-Sewa mobile app or website. For the scholarship, students must pay Rs 30.

After the plan is completed, this amount will be topped up to the number associated with the student’s e-Sewa ID. Students who are eligible for the scholarship must their SEE pass documents in order to receive the award.

Currently, e-Sewa has over 130,000 agents (e-Sewa zones and points) spread across the country. The number of merchants in e-Sewa has now surpassed three lakh.

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