Due to fog and mist, flights to and from Nepalgunj have been canceled.


Flights to and from Nepalgunj airport have been hampered recently by fog and in the mornings and evenings, as a of the recent weather variations.

There are flights to and from Nepalgunj airport to highland areas such as Humla, Dolpa, Jumla, Rukum West, the far western districts, and Kathmandu. Flights are being delayed owing to fog and mist, which is causing inconvenience passengers. In their complaint, they claim that they have been forced to stay in the cold because of an untimely flight.

Since the early hours of the morning, I’ve been stuck in an airport.” Although the plane had already taken off, Harka Singh Budha, who was on his way to Jumla, said that it had not yet done so. His airplane took off only after the sun had risen in the skies.

In spite of the fact that foggy conditions are caused by nature, travellers believe that government should take steps to keep them warm and comfortable the airport.

Following a report from the Nepalgunj Airport Office, fog and have been causing problems flights since last week. As Subhash Jha, Chief of the Nepalgunj Airport Office, explained, “ and fog have an impact on early flights.” When the fog and mist clear and the sun shines through, the flight may restart,” says the captain.

Jha further stated that due to the terrible weather conditions, there is no need to postpone the flight. Despite the fog and mist, we have not cancelled the flight. He said that it had only been postponed a while.”

It was not necessary to divert the plane because visibility reached more than 1600 meters when the sun was visible in the sky, according to the airport’s administrative offices. The visibility, on the other hand, been decreasing in the early morning hours. As of right now, Nepalgunj Airport has more than 30 daily flights operating out of it.

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