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    Dividend of 12.63 percent proposed by Prabhu Bank Limited (PRVU) to be paid in fiscal year 2077/78.

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    In its dividend proposal for the fiscal year 2077/78, Prabhu Bank Limited (PRVU) proposes a payout of 12.63 percent.

    the 228th of the board of directors, which was conducted Kartik 23, it was agreed to give Rs. 11.34 Arba as a dividend on the paid-up capital. The proposal includes 12 percent bonus shares worth Rs 1.36 arba and a 0.63 percent cash dividend (for tax reasons) in addition to the regular dividend.

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    The dividend will be paid only if it has been by the central bank and approved by the company’s future general meeting.

    As of this writing, PRVU’s LTP stands at Rs 373.80.

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