Friday, September 17, 2021
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Discounts and gifts will be made accessible to you when you have paid the Nepal Life insurance fee using e-Sewa.

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When you pay your insurance premiums for Nepal Life Insurance using e-Sewa, Nepal’s premier payment service provider, you can earn attractive cashback.

When insurance companies pay their premiums using e-Sewa, they will receive an attractive payback of 0.35 percent up to Rs 1,000. In a similar vein, an iPhone 12 can be won every month by giving a generous bonus donation.

Anyone who pays the insurance fee charged by Nepal Life is eligible to participate in this scheme, which will be in effect until the middle of Kartik. The winner of the iPhone will be chosen through a round-robin process.

E-Sewa has indicated the premium must be paid within a week after the date of payment in order to be considered timely. A number of programmes been launched by E-Sewa to encourage people to pay their insurance payments online.

Current figures show more than 4.5 new direct account openings been made in e-Sewa, which delivers through mobile online payments.

In a similar vein, approximately 16 people are receiving through e-Sewa on an indirect basis. There are currently more than 110,000 agents (e-Sewa zones points) spread around the country, according to the organisation. At the moment, the number of merchants registered with e-Sewa has surpassed 3 million.

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