Daraz has expanded its delivery service to more than 47 cities across the country.


Nepal’s leading online marketplace, Daraz, has announced plans to accelerate the expansion its delivery and logistics services in order to cover as much ground as possible throughout the country in the coming months. Daraz is the country’s largest online marketplace by sales volume. Every year since its acquisition by Alibaba in 2018, Daraz has concentrated on developing a nationwide logistics infrastructure that will not only allow them to expand their footprint, but will also aid in the development of a more robust e-commerce ecosystem in the country. This strategy appears to be paying off, as Daraz has recently expanded its delivery services to include more than 47 cities throughout Nepal.

For e-commerce companies such as Daraz, Nepal’s diverse geography presents numerous challenges to their operations. The lack adequate road networks is at the top of the list of concerns. Delivering goods and services of any kind is extremely difficult without a proper road network connecting major cities to one another. For this reason, Daraz hired delivery riders who were/are familiar with a specific locality in any given part of the country in order to address the problem. Known as “Delivery Heroes” by Daraz, these riders assist the company in delivering products to their correct locations, no matter where they are in the world.

As right now, Daraz has approximately 15 delivery hubs spread throughout the country. These distribution centers are where products for customers are shipped to and from. Voicing the hubs is as follows:









Bhaktapur – Sallaghari

Old Baneshwor (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Kathmandu – Balaju

Kathmandu – Gopikrishna

Kathmandu-New Road                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Kathmandu – Thasikhel

Kathmandu – Soltimod

This represents a significant improvement when compared to the fact that Daraz’s logistical operations in Nepal were extremely basic when the company first launched in 2018. There were only a few logistics companies that were handling such a massive of workload. Because of this, Daraz developed its own solution in the form of Daraz Express, which was Nepal’s first e-commerce shipping company. Daraz Express provides customers with a better logistical experience while also assisting in the improvement of quality through the use of warehouse and quality control facilities.

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