Dairy farmers have received a grant.


TANAHU: The Bandipur municipality has given dairy farmers one-rupee-per-litre-of-milk subsidy.

The funding is available to farmers who are members of the Dairy Producer Cooperatives Institute.

The funding was given with the goal of making the municipality self-sufficient in milk production. Farmers connected with the Suryodaya Dairy Producer Cooperatives Institute in the municipality’s ward no. 1 received the grant support on Saturday in the presence of rural municipality chair Purna Singh Thapa and guests.

The money was presented to 61 farmers linked with cooperatives on occasion. Ward No. 1 chair Bhanu Bhakta stated that total of 162,000 rupees were distributed on the occasion.

Every day, the cooperatives produce and sell approximately 700 litres of milk.

Farmers connected with the Yampafanta dairy producer cooperatives institute in Ward 5 also received funding assistance.

Dairy producers have increased milk output as result of the grant help.

Farmers have got 5,000 to 36,000 rupees, according to Madhu Bilas Neupane, chief of the rural municipality livestock unit.

total of 1.1 million rupees will be as grant assistance to dairy farmers.

Farmers involved in cattle and meat production will also receive similar funding help, according to rural municipality chair Thapa.

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