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Monday, November 29, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsBusiness'COVID-19 has compounded the challenges that women entrepreneurs are dealing with.'

    ‘COVID-19 has compounded the challenges that women entrepreneurs are dealing with.’

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    Nicola Pollitt, the British Ambassador to Nepal, has stated that she is to collaborate with the country’s women entrepreneurs and innovators to further the development of women’s entrepreneurship and innovation.

    When asked about the promotion of innovative business and women entrepreneurship in Nepal, Ambassador Pollitt stated that the United Kingdom is ready to forward in collaboration with the private sector in the country. The discussion program was organized by the Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF), which is part of the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI).

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    Ambassador Pollitt stated that women entrepreneurs have the potential to lead society in the direction of growth, and she emphasized the importance of developing women entrepreneurs in the current climate. She believes that more women should start their businesses since successful female entrepreneurs serve as role models and motivators for other women to follow in their footsteps.

    In addition to stating that women entrepreneurs suffer not only in Nepal but also in the United Kingdom, she stated that the COVID-19 conference has worsened the difficulties experienced by women entrepreneurs.

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    Women entrepreneurs and their innovative firms, according to Ambassador Pollitt, benefit from mentorship, which he described as “essential.”

    According to Vishnu Kumar Agrawal, President of the CNI, despite the fact that women entrepreneurs have achieved success in Nepal, they to encounter significant challenges in gaining access to capital and other resources. He also pointed out that the are caused by women at the family level, not at the individual level.

    He went on to say that the government has allocated a challenge fund of Rs one billion for the development of innovative firms, but that the fund has not been put into effect due to a lack of working procedures in place.

    He also expressed optimism that the government would through with this as quickly as possible.

    In an interview with the confederation, Chhaya Sharma, the chairman of the Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF), stated that women’s empowerment is essential for poverty eradication in Nepal.

    Moreover, she stated that the confederation is trying to promote the development and empowerment of female entrepreneurs in Nepal, among other things.

    During the program, members of the Women Leadership Forum spoke about the promotion of women entrepreneurs and creative firms in Nepal, among other topics.

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